Zetta ZIR32 720p Night Vision Intelligent All-In-One Camera

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This compact camera records full 720p high definition video and audio, so you can see faces clearly from across the room. The camera comes equipped with night vision, capturing clear video even in total darkness. You never have to worry about dark or blurry footage if someone comes into your home or office in the middle of the night.

The Zetta ZIR32 Intelligent Spy Camera has all of the features you need to keep an eye on your property. You can use it in your house, at the office, or on the dashboard of your car for around-the clock surveillance. Protect your valuables with the Zetta ZIR32.

The Zetta ZIR32 comes with a mute option for the microphone. You can easily disable the audio if you only need to record video.

You can customize the Zetta ZIR32 based on how you want to use the camera. You can set it up so that the camera will start recording automatically when something triggers a smoke detector or a window alarm in the room. If there’s an emergency or a break-in on the property, you can rest assured that you’ll have all of the action on video.

The Zetta ZIR32 also comes with a number of useful features including motion and sound activation. You can program the camera so that it will start recording automatically as soon as it detects movement, noise, vibrations or even a person’s body heat. You’ll catch all of the important moments without having to scroll through hours of useless footage.

The Zetta ZIR32 has 24 hours of battery life that’s perfect for overnight surveillance. It also comes with a DC power adapter if you need to use the camera continuously. You can leave it plugged in for hours on end without having to constantly fiddle with the camera.

If you need to hide the fact that you’re recording video, the Zetta ZIR32 has a sleek design that doesn’t bring attention to itself. It’s just 4.3 inches long, making it easy to hide. You can tuck it on a bookshelf or keep it on your desk without raising suspicion. It also blends in with the top of your dashboard if you want to use the camera in your car.

Compact and covert, this camera makes it easy to watch over all of your belongings. Stay on top of what’s happening when you’re not around with the Zetta ZIR32 Intelligent Spy Camera.

Perfect for home, office and vehicle surveillance
Captures faces clearly from across a room (720p HD)
Motion and voice activation modes save battery
Less charging hassle (24 hour battery life)
Captures clear video even in total darkness
Stores 14 hours of HD video (with 64GB memory card)
Never miss anything important (wide-angle lens)
Compact design keeps camera hidden

Book Hidden Camera HD Motion Activated Long Battery Life 250
The HD Book Camera was designed for inconspicuous home or office surveillance. It looks just like a regular black book when you put it on a shelf. Just tuck it next to your favorite novel and you can keep an eye on your valuables without bringing attention to the fact that you’re recording video.

Full 1080p HD Video for Crystal-Clear Footage

Powerful and yet compact, the HD Book Camera comes with a 75-degree lens and it records HD video in full 1080p so you can see small details and faces from across the room. It also comes with a built-in microphone that you can easily turn on or off based on whether or not you want to record audio. If someone is breaking into your office or home at night, you will have a clear picture of what the person looks like.

Night Vision Recording for 24/7 Peace of Mind

You can record HD video at all times of the day with the camera’s Night Vision feature. The camera records clear footage in complete darkness up to 10 feet away. Breakins and theft tend to happen at night when no one is around. You can rest assured knowing that if anyone messes with your valuables at night, you will have the entire incident on camera.

Long Battery Life for Hassle-Free Surveillance

You can use the HD Book Camera to record for long periods of time without having to charge the battery or swap out the memory card. If you put the camera in standby mode and only record when something moves in the room, the camera will stay charged for up to 2 years depending on the amount of activity in the room. This is extremely helpful if you want to keep an eye on your valuables for long periods of time without having to worry about charging the battery or transferring the footage. With a 32GB micro-SD card, the HD Book Camera can also record up to 30 hours of continuous footage. This will come in handy if you want to keep an eye on your housekeeper or your babysitter overnight while you’re out of the house.

Save Time and Memory with Motion-Activated Recording

The camera is also equipped with motion-activated recording for more memory space, saving you the hassle of having to scroll through hours of useless footage. If someone walks into your living room or your office for a few seconds at night, you can watch all of the action without wasting your battery or using up all of your memory space.

If you’re looking for an easy way to survey the belongings in your home or office, the HD Book Camera has everything you need for inconspicuous, long-term video recording.


Motion Activated Recording
1080p HD Video
IR Night Vision
Up to 30 Hours of Continuous Recording
2 Years of Stand-By Recording
Covert Appearance (Looks Like a Normal Black Book)
Perfect for Surveillance at Home or the Office
Adjustable Built-In Microphone
What’s Included:

HD Book Camera
8GB micro-SD card
USB cable
User manual