Zetta Z16 Wide Angle Mini Hidden Camera 720P HD / 8-15 Hours

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The Zetta Z16 HD Intelligent Security Camcorder has all of the features you need to keep an eye on your house, office, or car. It records 720p HD video and audio even in low light settings for around-the-clock surveillance. With its compact design and rotating wide-angle lens, you can always find the right vantage point. You can easily watch over all of your belongings with the Zetta Z16.

This versatile security camera records full 720p HD video and audio, so you can see faces clearly across long distances. Point the camera at the door and you’ll see exactly who’s coming in and out of the room. It will even record crystal clear footage in low light settings. If your car is parked near a street light or if you leave a light on in your office at night, the Zetta Z16 will still record all of the action.

The camera also comes equipped with a fully adjustable 160-degree wide-angle lens. You can position the camera on a bookshelf or on your mantle and you’ll always have a full view of what’s happening in the room. If you want to put the camera in a certain spot, you can swivel the lens without moving the camera until you get the perfect angle. You can rest easy knowing that you won’t miss anything with the Zetta Z16.

The camera also comes with a number of customizable features so you can protect yourself against theft in a way that works for you. With motion activation, you can set it up so that it will only record when something moves in front of the camera’s sensors. Or you can use sound activation, so that the camera will only record when something makes a noise in the room. You’ll catch all of the important moments without having to waste your battery on hours of useless footage.

The Zetta Z16 was designed for hands-off, portable surveillance, providing up to 10 hours of battery life. When you put the camera in standby mode, the battery will last up to 120 days. This means that the camera will sit idle until you tell it to record, making it easy to capture video at a moment’s notice. You can also plug the Zetta Z16 into the wall using the DC power adapter if you want to use the camera continuously.

You can easily mount the Zetta Z16 around your house, in your office, or on the dashboard in your car. Regardless of what you want to record, this portable, reliable surveillance camera has you covered. Keep your valuables safe with the Zetta Z16 HD Intelligent Security Camcorder.

Perfect as Surveillance in: Office, Home and Vehicles
720P Video & Audio Recording
Takes up to 64GB Micro SD Card (Not Included)
Plug-in Device or Battery Life of 10 Hours (120 Day Standby Time)
Includes Vibration Trigger, Motion-Activated and Voice Activated Modes
Excellent Low Light Recording Capabilities
160-Degree Wide Angle Lens
Covert Camera: Disguised as a Small Black Box
Rotatable lens allows for flexibility in placement